Unique Services Program
Greybeard Associates consulting can fill short term staffing requirements for technical, administrative and professional subject matter experts.  Our mature, highly experienced consultants are available to support your internal requirements for expertise and experience on an interim basis.

  • Targeted Training Seminars
  • Program/Project Management
  • Data Analytics
  • IT Systems Engineering
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Aerospace Systems Design
  • Federal/State Regulatory Compliance
  • Propulsion Engineering
  • Business Continuity Planning

The Greybeard Associates Unique Services Program billing rates are extremely competitive due to our status as a Not For Profit organization. We are established to provide opportunity for our members to continue remaining productive and able to share their experiece, their institutional knowledge and their expertise rather than operate as a for profit corporation. We do not price as is usual with regular commercial firms. Our bill rates are simply the direct labor cost of the specific member and a very minimal administrative charge to cover our minimal operating costs and provide funds for grants to charitable and community groups. We also use the administrative funds for scholarship grants to deserving students in our communities.

Subject Matter Experts
Our partner firm, Greybeard Associates Corporation has teamed up with JMD to supply expertise in aerospace engineering and information technology tasking. With the combined resources of JMD and Greybeard Associates working to supply nationally recognized experts in aerospace sciences, your requirements in this area can be addressed accurately and rapidly.

Program Management and Consulting
JMD Partners has the "reach back" capability to apply the right skill mix to meet your organizations project or program requirements.  Our Program Managers are very experienced with most having more than 15 years in Project and Program Management.  We can also support your efforts in the area of applications specification, acquisition and implementation, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning, and Organizational Effectiveness Surveys.

Contact us today to schedule a discussion on how we can assist your organization.